What I’m Reading

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

A Northern Light cover

Will Mattie Gokey escape the drudgery of farm life in the Northern Woods and go to college? Her plans encounter many obstacles, from her mother’s dying request for Mattie to take her place, her dour father’s demands, to a romantic detour with a handsome neighbor.  When the body of young Grace Brown is pulled from the lake near the hotel where Mattie works, Mattie encounters a murder mystery and more complications.

Based on a true story, A Northern Light drew me in and didn’t let go.  The setting and the historic details provided interesting information about the “camps” in the Northern Woods in 1906.  These so-called camps could be hotels sporting the latest comforts, or mansions owned by wealthy individuals.

I was fortunate to hear Jennifer Donnelly speak about her writing and the research for this book.  She did a masterful job of pulling all the history into well-written historical fiction.  My only problem was following the chronology of events from chapter to chapter.

A good read, though definitely for young adults due to the content.

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