Exploring Amherst, MA

The Mead Art Museum on the Amherst College campus houses a small but elegant collection of works spanning 5000 years.  I spent the most time with the works in the exhibit entitled Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein.

Honestly, I’d never thought much about how scientific discoveries influenced artists.  The explanations that accompanied each piece made those influences clear.  Scientists in Einstein’s time were looking at microcosms through ever more powerful equipment, and also peeking into the workings of the cosmos.  Artists reflected on all these discoveries.

paper wall

These flat and 3-D paper shapes were part of an installation in the stairwell.  Apologies to you and the artist–I didn’t note her name. I really liked looking at this work.

pueblo   IMG_6937



dream expl

This painting got me right in the heart.  I loved the blurring of images, so much like dreams in which people and objects morph into other people and objects.  I loved the mystery of it and the colors.


To finish off, a classic print–I believe by Hiroshige–cherry blossoms.  Another period of art that I adore.

If you’re in the area, check out this museum!

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