Secret Garden in Goshen, Massachusetts


On the way home from Amherst, we took a detour to Goshen, MA.  The drive was lovely, winding through lush forests and quiet hamlets. The Three Sisters Sanctuary had been recommended to us by our Airbnb superhosts, Chris and Fran, at the Laid Back Victorian in Belchertown.

The Sanctuary was a delight for heart and eye, and sometimes nose.

The artist himself greeted us after Pat rang the bell at the entrance.  Richard Richardson looks exactly as I would have imagined him, muscular and tan with a mane of white hair and a matching, trimmed beard.  He’s been working on his property, “courting the land” as he said, for twenty-five years.

The dragon in the top right photo actually blows fire. The waterfall/fountain flows through the garden and into a pond at the back.

Anyone who has read my book Tangled in Magic knows that I am partial to raptors.  This bird (top left) delighted me.

I admit I was a little distressed by the kid on the ground, but I didn’t try to stand him up.  Aren’t the slabs of colored glass beautiful?


This art garden seemed to be a realization of the inside of my head: mermaids, fairies, tranquility, humor, secrets and surprises.



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