Labyrinth VIII

Labyrinth VIII

The Lifebridge Sanctuary in High Falls, N.Y. holds a special place in my heart because my daughter had her wedding there more than a decade ago.  She got married at the end of January, so the scenery was quite different than what we saw this June when we went to check out the labyrinth. 

Lifebridge rests in a mountain setting.  It serves as a retreat site and hosts other events, too, such as weddings.  The labyrinth is indicated by a small sign.  It is a classical or Cretan style labyrinth, made with stones that were collected by the builders (see the explanation in the photo).

The weather was perfect: cool and sunny with just the right amount of breeze.  Except for the wind, the hillside was silent.  We walked the path, but I had trouble discerning the center.  This design is not my favorite.

Cretan or classical labyrinth

 I prefer the Chartres style with the six-petaled rose in the center.  It has more mystery and destination, and it offers more space in which to stand.

However, once we’d completed the labyrinth, we sat on a bench and soaked up the peace.  I wanted to stay there for hours, basking in the pleasance and beauty, but it was Sunday and Lifebridge was closing.  This labyrinth is in such a lovely location that it rivals the richness and peace of the labyrinth at St. James in Hyde Park.

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