Photo by cottonbro on

7:00 – she’s tucking in the sheets

that the four-year-old kicks loose every night

            the seven-year-old sleeps like roadkill

            the baby, of course, sleeps next to her

            she hears a creaking click

            is that the flap on the mailbox?

            she hurries barefoot downstairs

            holding her nightgown above her ankles



9:30 – she vacuums the rug in the foyer

            her starched collar scrapes her neck

            one eye on the carpet

            one on the mail slot



11:00 – she puts the roast in the oven

            scrubs stains out of mister’s overalls

            wipes her raw fingers on a tea towel

            Oh! Footsteps on the front porch

            clink-clack goes the flap

            crisp envelopes slide onto the mat

            an invitation for the missus

            two bills for the mister

            one beautiful blue aerogramme

            that she kisses

            and presses to her heart

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